Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am exactly 8 months old now and "struggling" with whether I should keep going on this journey or "come back home" to straight, pressed or possibly relaxed hair;go back to the "haircreme crack". I'm literally at a "crossroads" whether I should go on and get some conditioner shampoo and start unraveling my locks but WHY, I'm asking myself ,"what is my true reason" for getting these and now wanting to possibly take them out. I don't know if it becuase I seriously need to a "retightening" (over do by 8 weeks)with a lot of fuzzy-wuzzys now, or that I was dressed in a formal gown and it seemed like my hair went with the dress, or is that I have been envying my former pictures with the perm and hoe it "all fit" and now I'm not sure how my life style, from dress attire to the fuzziness works especially since my hair appears to be this big "oval-shaped" SL fro, not long enough to put into a decent ponytail and with my relaxed ends I still can not wear it 'freestyle', just pull it back with headbands which doesn't seem to work with "formal gowns".
sign Discouraged/guilty but trying to "hang in there", wish me luck!with whatever decision I make.

Monday, July 21, 2008

(From top to bottom)Easter Sunday with use of Jheri curl rods, I had "Prom Duty", trying to "dress up" and be a 'Diva' and the day I "closed" on my new home getting "writer's cramp" but what I wanted you to notice is how THICK it is growing in the back;growing in width but wherrrrrrre is my length???? I hope I don't grow a SL Afro,ha-ha!

I'm surprised how much my hair has grown which I'm not aware of until I look at my first pics from when I got installed or someone mentions the growth. It appears to be growing in width;thickness but IIIIIIIIIII (yes I'm whining)want it to grow in length;longerrrrrr. I still have my days feeling a little up & down since I see slippage and feel like I'm not carrying the baby sLs well and I sometimes feel like I can't "represent" them well but then I have days/ moments like I'm looking well(at least feel that way)-Diva who is truly comfortable with herself, cares for no one else's approval/affirmation,"I'm just me-Dee". I guess that's natural and just called BAD Hair Days.
Two Facts 1) people who want their hair to grow quick and thick=get sLs and 2)God is good because I now have a new home, my first home purchase to go with my sLs=they both equal confidence,self-preservation, stability or something like that, AGAIN,God is GOOD!

Friday, April 25, 2008

2-months old 2day 4/25/08

Today marks the date I received my installation of SL 2 months ago and the first thing I can share about my journey thus far is my NEW MOTTO I live or TRY to live by daily and definitely applies to having SLs and the process we all have to go through:


I struggle with it looking dry & frizzy(#1 concern);tempted to put moisturizer or some grease or spray oil sheen(still going thru 'withdrawals')permed ends not cooperating, and wishing all my hair was the same length and longer like all the other 'SL divas' I've admired in SL photos instead of the short length in the back of my hair that appears to make for an "awkward-hair do" so I wear scarves/bandanas and lovin' my make-up AGAIN daily reminding myself of my motto(especially during moments I have the "newborn SL Blues"). Any how,God is Good,still have hope,still excited, and feeling good about me and my new-do=hopefully you are encouraged as well with whatever new journey You take. GOD BLESS!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

'red carpet-do'

See,part of my hesitation the pass 2 1/2 years, with getting sisterlocks was 1)it's permenent and 2)what if I ever was invited to a red carpet gala or some kind of formal,living in L.A. at the time---How would I dress up SLs;-) Well, the reality is I hadn't been invited to any formal gown gathering and I still wouldn't know how to 'dress' it up but I had fun playin' "Dress-up", one week after getting my SLs. Now I will go put my dress back in the closet. But seriously, I want anyone contemplating SLs to see the possibilities while newly going thru these initial stages----although, the unknown about how my locking/growing out process is little scary to me, I just look forward to what the others stages will bring in regards to my hair growing from this old original "Hally Berry"-short hair cut, as you see in the back of my hair.....It shall get pretty interesting!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My SL Debut at work, day 2 after my installation

Today I did the "unveiling" of my Sls and survived. Just as I expected, the one class(my rebellious class; teach at a high school) that ALWAYS "got jokes" commented and I 'hung in there' and did not go there ! with them or Kick the one particular student out my class, more so just had 'my armor' on and will continue tomorrow, for rest of the week until "it gets old" on his"jokes radar". Got some compliments and more stares but "it's all good"!!! I beleie over time I will meet more "SL hair-embracers" rather than "hair-haters". Check out my "Debut" pics to work.