Friday, April 25, 2008

2-months old 2day 4/25/08

Today marks the date I received my installation of SL 2 months ago and the first thing I can share about my journey thus far is my NEW MOTTO I live or TRY to live by daily and definitely applies to having SLs and the process we all have to go through:


I struggle with it looking dry & frizzy(#1 concern);tempted to put moisturizer or some grease or spray oil sheen(still going thru 'withdrawals')permed ends not cooperating, and wishing all my hair was the same length and longer like all the other 'SL divas' I've admired in SL photos instead of the short length in the back of my hair that appears to make for an "awkward-hair do" so I wear scarves/bandanas and lovin' my make-up AGAIN daily reminding myself of my motto(especially during moments I have the "newborn SL Blues"). Any how,God is Good,still have hope,still excited, and feeling good about me and my new-do=hopefully you are encouraged as well with whatever new journey You take. GOD BLESS!


Charity said...

Hey sistergurl I am right there with you and the beginning stages of the locks. Some times I wish I could sped along the process but know that would be half of the fun. I am so anxious to buy the ties for my hair and thinking about buying them now so I have a large collection when my locks mature. I'm going to try and just have fun with it. Like they say time flies when your are having fun!

Valenciajaz said...

Congrats on making it to 2 months. I love your new slogan. Hang in there because it does get better. What you're experiencing is all apart of the process. After being tried in the process of this locking journey, your locks will come out as pure locked gold

Wrinkle-Free-Diva said...

Your hair looks REALLY cute! It frames your face nicely. I liked the look with the scarf too. I've started pulling my locks off my face more and more and am finding I like the look.

danilocks said...

Thanks sistergurlz for support and encouragement!

Penny said...

Dani I am sorry but I gotta tag u girl. They bloggers left me no choice. Hope the end of the school year was good.

See my blog for the rules.

LockedJewel7 said...

You're It.

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