Monday, July 21, 2008

(From top to bottom)Easter Sunday with use of Jheri curl rods, I had "Prom Duty", trying to "dress up" and be a 'Diva' and the day I "closed" on my new home getting "writer's cramp" but what I wanted you to notice is how THICK it is growing in the back;growing in width but wherrrrrrre is my length???? I hope I don't grow a SL Afro,ha-ha!


Nubian1 said...

Pretty locks pretty lady! I shall be adding your blog to mine to chart your progress.


Lisa said...

congrats on the new home!! way to go!! and i think your sisterlocks look fantastic. and don't sweat the length thing too much. that'll just make it seem like it's taking longer. keep rocking your headbands and such and before you know it, one day you'll go to do your hair and there it will be — length!!
(btw — good joogly moogly, you're pretty!!! lololol)