Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm surprised how much my hair has grown which I'm not aware of until I look at my first pics from when I got installed or someone mentions the growth. It appears to be growing in width;thickness but IIIIIIIIIII (yes I'm whining)want it to grow in length;longerrrrrr. I still have my days feeling a little up & down since I see slippage and feel like I'm not carrying the baby sLs well and I sometimes feel like I can't "represent" them well but then I have days/ moments like I'm looking well(at least feel that way)-Diva who is truly comfortable with herself, cares for no one else's approval/affirmation,"I'm just me-Dee". I guess that's natural and just called BAD Hair Days.
Two Facts 1) people who want their hair to grow quick and thick=get sLs and 2)God is good because I now have a new home, my first home purchase to go with my sLs=they both equal confidence,self-preservation, stability or something like that, AGAIN,God is GOOD!

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euphoria said...

hey danilocks your locks are beautiful and so is the Godly vibe that I got from reading your blog, stay blessed. Iv'e been tagged so I am tagging you check out my site for the rules